State of Wonder

Wonder, a noun: “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable” – Definition from Oxford Languages. In anticipation of possibly soon visiting Ann Patchett’s bookstore in Nashville, Tennessee, who is one of my favorite author’s, I pay homage to her excellent book of the same name with theContinue reading “State of Wonder”

Collection: Thrive Global

Thank you to Thrive Global for publishing these Keen Living articles. To make the articles more easily accessible, links will be collected and listed here at Keen Living with the most current article first. If you haven’t subscribed to Keen Living at yet, please do, and you will receive articles as soon as theyContinue reading “Collection: Thrive Global”

Maria Shriver: Exemplifying Keen Living

“I’ve always seen myself as the kind of person who puts my heart and soul into whatever is before me. It’s something that has always made me feel alive and given me purpose, identity, and meaning. I’ve given my all to my mothering, my family, my work, and my service.” Maria Shriver.  January 24, 2021. Continue reading “Maria Shriver: Exemplifying Keen Living”

Persevering with an Exercise Routine

Last year around this same time, I posted on Keen Living about how I started an exercise routine and how to start your own – see January 16, 2020 post for more.  What a difference a year makes…no longer am I a gym member due to the restrictions of COVID-19, and at some point theseContinue reading “Persevering with an Exercise Routine”

Comparative: Ann Patchett’s “Commonwealth” and “The Dutch House” – Part 2: Forgiveness

In part two of this comparative, the theme of forgiveness will be discussed.  Ann Patchett has written these two novels, summaries below,[i] to deal with sibling relationships.  What sibling relationship doesn’t have the element of forgiveness woven intricately throughout it?  Of course, this process can be dealt with in different ways, and Ann Patchett recognizesContinue reading “Comparative: Ann Patchett’s “Commonwealth” and “The Dutch House” – Part 2: Forgiveness”