5 Morning Jumpstarts

Here are 5 Morning Jumpstarts for well-being that will give bursts of energy to every morning no matter if you are waking up to snow or sun.

A New York State of Mind

I’ve been thinking lately how important environment is to well-being.  Whether it is the immediate surroundings, the town we live in, the community of friends that we see, the places we visit, it all adds up to impact overall mental health and physical wellness.  There are a myriad number of other factors affecting well-being, butContinue reading “A New York State of Mind”

One Year Later

The flashback to last year this time is real. What the feelings were, the mood in the air, the strangeness of the unknowns surrounding COVID-19, are all coming back to me now.  It’s happening to everyone I talk to.  In step with the spring bulbs appearing, the memories of last year are unveiling themselves everyContinue reading “One Year Later”