At this time two years ago, I lived in a world, we all lived in a world, where the concept of a pandemic was only known through the pages of a book. History pages laid dormant the terrors of plagues past. Little did we know a new bookend was starting to form in late 2019 in China.

By early March 2020, news reports began accumulating about a new flu mostly in Asia.  Oblivious to any imminent danger, my family and I found ourselves in Colorado on our first family ski trip starting to feel nervous swirls of what was then called simply coronavirus.  We wondered what was happening although we never considered a possibility of life changing or simply not being able to fly home.  Looking back, we were incredibly lucky to arrive home without complications in any way, including contracting what we know now was the beginning of the saga of Covid-19.  

I hope today marks the beginning of the other bookend of the pandemic.  With states lifting masking requirements in tandem with cases decreasing, it feels like the end is near or at least a change is coming.  Leaving behind a pandemic and beginning the status of endemic soon.  

With that hope in mind, we are going skiing again in Colorado.  The call of the wilds of the snow, mountains, and glorious views is hard not to answer.  This time I hope we return home to not only a healthier world, but also a more peaceful one.  Thinking of the terror and destruction of innocent civilian life taking place in the Ukraine and hoping our world’s next bookends of misery are not forming.  Let’s all pray for peace like we prayed so desperately for a cure or a vaccine in 2020.  It worked. We can do it again.

© 2022 Megan Davia Mikhail

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