Well-Being: Give Grace

Well, we are still here.  Staying at home.  Teaching our children.  Face-timing our parents.  Zooming with family and friends.  Nothing feels the same and yet everyday seems the same.  More and more the time is passing without any certainty on when this will end.  This week especially time has started to catch up with me, building up, and seeming like a mountain to climb.  We are almost down to two weeks.  But the end is nebulous.  Will schools open May 4th?  It seems doubtful.  And yet I still hope.  Is it possible to safely re-enter schools with a graduated social distancing policy?  Probably not.  But the alternative seems unbelievable.  Schools closed until the fall.  With minimal live instruction via remote learning, I wonder where this will put students.  Certainly, for most not prepared fully for the next grade level.  And will any additional businesses re-open?   Will there be any hiring?  Will there be any on-boarding in this virtual world?

What I have needed these past two weeks especially and what we all can give to ourselves and each other: grace.  “It’s easy to give grace when I recall how much I need it.”  Jennifer Dukes Lee.  This logic resonates.  When I think of all the times I have needed grace from others, then I consciously can make more of an effort to give myself and others grace.  We are all living in a different set of circumstances than expected.  This situation is challenging.  It is also an opportunity to grow.  We can grow in grace. 

It’s about breathing, deeply.  It’s about getting up with an alarm clock.  It’s about keeping exercise routines.  It’s about running and showering.  It’s about reading, thinking, writing.  It’s about keeping all the good habits we have and stacking – adding more goodness.  It’s about meditation.  It’s about prayer.  It’s about dancing.  It’s about walking and looking up at the sun, white clouds, and blue skies.  It’s about shining our internal light when we don’t feel like it – on unexpectedly snowy days, when technology is not our friend, and when fatigue sets in. 

We can’t do any of this alone.  We need to stay connected with ourselves, our friends, and our family.  Virtually is not enough.  A socially distanced run or walk with a friend is a must.  Give more hugs to whoever you are quarantining with.  Reach out to others with actions – write a letter, make a plan to meet up and stay six feet away at a front door.  Keep it up.  Try to turn off the screens when you can have family time and play a game.  Do something creative – paint, color, participate in a play or sing a song.  Enjoy laughing with others and at the fantastic, creative comedians online who are giving of themselves trying to make us all laugh and see the good news in the world.

If you are not as productive as you dreamed you’d be at this time, take a deep breathe, and give yourself grace.  Make a plan.  Take out your calendar and schedule time.  Time is what we have now.  If you are not as organized at this time, take a deep breathe, and give yourself grace.  Read an article on organizing.  Take one piece of advice and do it.  If you are not as upbeat at this time, take a deep breathe, and give yourself grace.  Smile.  Take a walk outside.  Talk with a friend or family member.  Your mood will lift.  This time will lift.  These restrictions will lift.  Our lives will lift.  We will be back to life as we knew it again.  But how will we change our lives?  Will we go back fully?  Or will we bring grace with us?    

© 2020 Megan Davia Mikhail

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